Saturday, June 19, 2010


After Darshit has returned from Germany, his food wishlist doesn't wane! And then he loves North Indian food (could be one of the reason to marry me :P). So on special request, this saturday was devoted to Dhaba Style food :)

Dhabha Roti ( called Rotla, you can see the masala, ghee smeared on its top)
Chana Rasa (Goes with this thick, crispy and ghee/masala dripped rotla)
Kanda (Onion slice with chilli, the must have accessory)

The recipe is nothing special but the taste is :)


  1. Kya kya aata hai tumko.....! Kulcha hai ye?? Felt like eating :P. U sud start a restaurant (dhabha) and its home delivery limit sud be around the world. hehehehehe... Kidding!
    Tumko 'tofu' se salad banana aata ho toh yahan share karo! :)

  2. @Ashutosh: Sure :) Idea bura nahi hai.. btw.. u can come to b'lore to have it :) Aur Tofu ka salad list mein add kar liya.. will post it soon :D Thanks for the idea :)

  3. When is the next program? I will reserve my accolades till then, so I can also satisfy my taste buds :P