Monday, May 18, 2009

Getting Started......!

I started this blog after I realized what a fun it is to write and share with others (My other blog)! And I felt that the best topic could be food in our case. We both are foodie and love to try different cuisines! There are many kinds of stress busters but in my case, it has to be cooking. I just love preparing new new food items! And it is not restricted to only preparing, I love to eat it too, provided my experiments turn successful!! Generally I get time to experiment only during weekends.. So as weekends start nearing, darshit starts getting scared.. hahahaha!!!

But now I have got a place to share my culinary experiments! So stay tuned and I hope you will get to see some yummy food items too :)


  1. Hey, hope you also share dishes with us :p

  2. Khaana available on World Wide Web :-)...this time with great Chef Vineeta