Sunday, May 31, 2009

Springroll Wrap

Experiment of this weekend ;-)

Didnt get time to write the recipe details.. For now uploading the photo. Stay tuned for the recipe :)


  1. We ate this n still survived to write this comment .. :)
    On a serious note, its very tasty .. Hope every Monday we get some tasty snacks tested by Darshit previous day ..

  2. Hmm finally you got something you prepared ….
    it really tastes good . as you promised you have to get one more time for me and please get one extra for yourself so that you don’t eat my share ;)

  3. looks mouth watering.... I dont mind to get invited and taste it next time.. As it's already got "TESTED EXCELLENT" tag .. ;)

  4. Couldn't satisfy myself with just the pic.. looking forward for the recipe :)

  5. vineeta ji ,

    namaskar .

    Thanks for your valuable comment on my blog.

    This dish is made by you ? very mouth watering ji . next time when i will be in bangalore , please arrange one for me.[ i am a foody boss ]

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